What is an Integrated Washing Machine?

Moving into a new home is exciting for many reasons. It is an opportunity to create a fresh start in a new environment, one you’re free to make entirely your own. Whether you’re renting or making the big leap to homeownership, you can add your personal touches to any space.

While the actual moving part can be stressful and tiring, the best part about entering a new space is decorating. The same is true for renovation projects in your existing home – it allows you to create new perspectives and a new look in your existing environment.

The one thing we tend to forget in our pre-decorating excitement is the fact that electric appliances such as washing machines, microwaves and water-coolers, are difficult to integrate into our décor ideas.

These appliances are usually quite bulky and not exactly stylish or designed to be an attractive feature. We wouldn’t want to miss out on them, but they would be easier on the eyes if only they would fit in with their surroundings rather than become an eyesore.

Stylish Solutions to Interior Design Dilemmas

Your kitchen or washroom could be looking like a photospread straight out of Home & Design Magazine, but if that massive, unattractive washing machine is wedged under your live-edge countertops, it’s going to distract from the overall look.

One way to combat this dilemma is to opt for an integrated washing machine. Built into your otherwise pristine kitchen unit or laundry-room set up, an integrated washing machine is kept out of sight and mind until the time has come for it to make an appearance.

Those who believe in the importance of a sleek and uniform design aesthetic are big fans of integrated washing machines. If you’re looking to have your kitchen or washroom remodeled, this should be an option to consider.

Installing an Integrated Washing Machine

Depending on your kitchen configuration, integrated washing machines are relatively simple to install. All that is needed is access to a drainpipe and socket. This might require a complete reconfiguration of your kitchen set-up, but the visual appeal will make it worth your while.

There are two ways to go about installing integrated appliances: you can either have your kitchen unit custom-made to fit your requirements or, if you’re the handy type, go for a DIY build. If you opt for the latter, be sure to spend plenty of time considering your design prior to building.

Integrated washing machines usually tend to be pricier, given that they are smaller and built to fit into smaller spaces than a freestanding machine would. Therefore, the drum is also smaller, meaning you will have to wash lighter loads.

There are only two downsides to integrated washing machines. One is the fact that, should you want to remodel, it may prove more difficult to find the right placement for the integrated machine.

Secondly, should you be experiencing any troubles with the cables or drainage, they are not as easy to access as on a freestanding machine. These are two things everyone should consider prior to investing in an integrated washing machine.

A Favourite Among Interior Design Fanatics

Nothing can be more upsetting to someone with an eye for interior design aesthetics, than a collection of household appliances on public display. They clash with the rest of the home’s perfectly color-coded design elements and interrupt the hygge-ness.

This makes the built-in option highly attractive to interior design fanatics. They lend spaces a harmonized, clean and completed look and have a calming effect on those who feel their peace disrupted by clutter.

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