How to Use a Beko Front Load Washing Machine 

Does your house sound like a rave party every time you use the washing machine? Are the repetitive techno-beats that stem from your machine’s tangible vibrations starting to do your – and your neighbors’ – head in? Then perhaps its time to invest in a new washing machine.

Poorly manufactured or badly maintained washing machines will eventually start showing their faults. From inefficient wash cycles and bad odors emitting from its interior to the kind of loud and persistent noises only house-parties and teen spirits can compete with.

Seeing as the washing machine is one of the domestic electro-appliances we rely on the most for a clean and tidy appearance and a fresh scent, you shouldn’t wait too long to replace the retro machine that has been throwing off your laundry game.

Once you’ve made your decision and are ready to hit the stores in search of your new laundry-companion, it is always best to thoroughly research the brands and models you are most interested in. A washing machine should last you for some years, so be sure not to rush into a quick purchase that could lead to buyer’s remorse.

Beko: 60 Years of Experience and Innovation

If you’re looking for a trusted brand, you can’t go wrong with it’s Beko, Europe’s top freestanding home appliance brand with sixty years of experience in the industry. Having dedicated the last two decades to innovations designed to offer more convenience and a healthier home environment, you can rest assured that Beko’s products are of the highest quality.

With a strong focus on providing a new generation of homeowners with state-of-the-art appliances ranging from nutrient-saving kitchen appliances to energy-saving washing machines, Beko has become one of the world’s most reliable brands and serves more than 130 countries from eighteen global factories.

Another great incentive for opting for Beko appliances is the fact that the brand’s story is as positive as it is inspiring. As partners of UNICEF, Beko are supporters of the #EatLikeAPro campaign, which aims to raise awareness on childhood obesity and promotes the betterment of children’s eating habits.

There’s a Beko Washing Machine for Any Home

Beko’s selection of washing machines has been designed for a new generation of eco-conscious warriors fighting the good fight in their homes. A generation that has come to terms with the importance of investing in energy, water and time-saving appliances.

Offering a wide range of freestanding and integrated washing machines, Beko’s models are made up of small machines with a capacity of 5kg as well as big machines that can hold up to 12kg. Equipped with the Daily Quick program, Beko’s latest models allow you to wash a full load of up to 12kg on 30C, in less than 30 minutes.

Those who appreciate statement colors and a modern look are in luck. Beko’s washing machines are available in five different colors:  white, anthracite, silver, graphite and black. This is particularly attractive for those who want a freestanding model.

Beko has been voted the UK’s number one best-selling large home appliance brand – the quality of their products speaks for itself. With freestanding front load washing machines that use water as its main source of power, you know you’re buying into innovation and time efficiency.

Special Features & Surprising Technologies

Beko’s front-loading washing machines may be considered high-tech, what with all its surprising features and clever programs, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to take a night class to learn how to get your laundry just right.

One of the most prominent features of these machines is the Daily Quick wash. It’s as easy as throwing in your laundry – anything from jeans to underwear – adding your choice of washing powder, liquid or tablets and turning the dial to the desired setting.

The duration of the Daily Quick program can vary if you’re washing on a higher temperature or there has been a change in water pressure, but you’re always guaranteed to walk away with a pile of fresh clothes in the shortest possible time.

Another popular setting is the SteamCure function. Distributing steam vapor around the drum at the beginning and end of the cycle, your clothes will come out softer, cleaner and, most importantly, a lot less creased.

You can select the SteamCure function during certain cycles, depending on fabrics and temperature. When desired, press the SteamCure icon on the control panel display once you’ve selected your cycle and hit the start button.

Some Beko front load washing machines come equipped with the answer to pet owners’ prayers: the pet hair removal function. As much as we love our pets, those fine, stubborn hairs have a tendency to stick to all our clothes and getting them out is a huge challenge.

On the pet hair removal function, your laundry will undergo a pre-wash and additional rinsing throughout its cycle. This minimizes the pet hair on your clothes, making it easier to remove them entirely with a roller once dried. The pet hair removal function is activated via the animal icon on the machine’s control panel display.

Smart Technology & Simple Use

What sets these front loading washing machines apart from other brands and models on the market, is the fact that it features smart, modern technology that is incredibly comfortable to use. Just load up the machine, choose your cycle and make use of its many fantastic functions.

The laundry tends to pile up in a family household, making it all the more important to get through it as quickly and efficiently as possible. We all know how those small heaps can turn into gigantic mountains, but with the Daily Quick function and other features, your weekly washing will remain manageable.

Once you’ve discovered the beauty of Beko’s innovative programs and technologies, there is simply no going back to a machine that does not offer so many all-in-one solutions. Allowing you to steam, quick wash and even control the machine on smart mode, you’ll have everything and more than you ever wanted in a washing machine.

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