Can You Put Slippers in the Washing Machine

Slippers are excellent footwear at home. They keep your carpets and floors clean from debris or dirt and provide your feet with comfortable support. Plus, they keep your feet cozy and warm.

Whether you wear fleece-lined leather slippers, leather slippers, or terry cloth slides, you have to clean them regularly. That way, you can keep them comfortable, soft, and looking good for longer times. However, can you put your slippers in the washing machine?

The answer to whether you can toss your slippers into the washing machine or not depends on what the slippers are made of. You can wash your cotton slippers without rubber soles on the gentle cycle in your washing machine.

How to Clean Slippers in the Washing Machine 

Cotton is a popular material used for slippers. If you have cotton slippers, the good news is that they are machine washable. Ensure that they do not have rubber soles. Here’s how you can clean them using a washing machine:

  • Use warm water instead of hot water to protect your cotton slippers from shrinking.
  • Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle.
  • Use a laundry bag if you plan to wash your slippers with other clothes to protect them.
  • If you plan to dry your slippers using the dryer, ensure the heat is not too high.
  • When there is still little dampness, take your slippers out to air dry them.

Alternative Cleaning Methods 

Besides using the washing machine, you can try other cleaning methods. This time the methods are dedicated to slippers made from cotton and other materials.

Hand Washing 

Hand washing is an excellent option if you do not want to risk your slippers in the washing machine. While this method requires more effort, the result is satisfying. For this method, we will take cotton slippers as an example.

Step #1: Fill the Sink with Warm, Soapy Water

After filling the sink with warm, soapy water, add a small amount of detergent to it.

Step #2: Agitate the Slippers

Ensure that the prepared soapy water will saturate in the cotton material. Gently use a gentle cloth or your finger in scrubbing the interior lining to ensure it penetrates the grime.

Step #3: Let the Slippers Soak

After giving the slippers a mild scrub, let them soak for ten minutes. The soapy water will leach out all the dirt.

Step #4: Rinse the Slippers

Once the soaking session is complete, get the water out of your sink. Give your cotton slippers a thorough rinse using warm water. Squish them to get excess soap out of the luffa or sponge.

Step #5: Remove the Excess Water

Do not wring your slippers because it can deform them. Instead, carefully press down on them to remove the excess water.

Step #6: Dry the Slippers

You can use a blowdryer to dry your slippers. Ensure to set it in a warm setting. If you have no blowdryer or you do not want to use it, you can air-dry your slippers.

Cleaning Leather Slippers 

Cleaning your slippers made from leather is far different from cotton slippers. Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Use a Leather-Safe Soap

Treat your leather slippers’ exterior with the appropriate cleaning products like non-enzyme liquid soaps. You can use the leather cleaner you often use on your leather shoes to remove scuffs and dirt. If the slippers’ interior is also leather, use the same cleaning process.

Step #2: Shine the Slippers with a Soft Cotton Cloth

After cleaning the slippers using a a leather cleaner, allow them to sit for about five minutes. Use a clean and soft cotton cloth to shine the slippers.

Step #3: Apply a Shoe Conditioner

After cleaning, apply a leather shoe conditioner to keep the slippers moisturized and soft. A natural conditioner is recommended as leather absorbs it easier.

Step #4: Dry the Slippers

Do not apply heat to your leather slippers. Instead, give them time to air dry.

Cleaning Suede Slippers 

If you love wearing suede slippers, follow the steps below and keep them clean and looking great at all times:

Step #1: Wipe the Slippers with a Towel

Suede slippers are not machine washable, or hand wash them by submerging. Use a clean towel to wipe and blot the area with spills or dirt. For a waterproof suede slipper, you can use a damp towel for wiping at the spill.

Step #2: Use a Suede Cleaning Kit

A suede cleaning kit is available on the market to help you thoroughly clean your slippers. If you think the spill can stain the slippers and the towel treatment is not enough, you can use this kit. The kit often comes with a small, stiff brush and a stain eraser.

Use the suede brush to remove scuff or mud marks. This method helps bring back the nap texture of the suede. After cleaning the exterior, apply a suede-safe waterproofing spray for an easier cleaning process in the future.

Step #3: Use Baby Wipes

Even without wetting the suede slippers, you can scrub them by using baby wipes. They have a mild detergent and are low in moisture. This works on the interior of the slippers. You can use a couple of baby wipes to remove the grime staining the slippers.

Alternatively, you can use a damp washcloth and dab a drop or two of wool detergent or a mild soap on the washcloth. Then, scrub the insides of the slippers using the washcloth.

Step #4 Wipe Out the Detergent

Wipe out the detergent on the insides of the slippers using a clean, damp washcloth. Ensure to remove all the leftover detergent.

Step #5: Dry the Slippers

Do not heat your suede slippers. Instead, give them time to air dry before wearing them once again. Newspaper wads are helpful to absorb moisture from the slippers and dry them out more quickly.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! With the ideas above, you can keep your slippers clean and long-lasting. Ensure to use the right cleaning methods according to the material of your slippers.

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