Can You Put Memory Foam in the Washing Machine

Memory foam provides comfort and a good night’s sleep. However, no matter how you keep the mattress in perfect condition, you still need to freshen it up. You cannot stop the memory foam from getting dirty, or you may spill something on it. So, you have to clean it regularly.

Your memory foam tends to be challenging to clean because of the tendency of trapping liquid. The good news is that you can still clean it using natural, gentle approaches. However, can you put memory foam in the washing machine?

The answer is no. If you wash your memory foam in the washing machine, the structure becomes spoiled. The machine’s strong agitation can rip the memory foam. As a result, the foam becomes unfit to use. You also need to avoid putting it in the dryer.

How to Clean Memory Foam 

Don’t worry if you cannot use your washing machine for cleaning the memory foam; you can try other methods below:

Cleaning Up the Spills 

If you have accidentally spilled something on your memory foam, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Soak Up the Spills 

Get a bath towel and press it over the wet memory foam. Hold it until saturated and repeat the process until you have entirely soaked up the liquid. Alternatively, you can use paper towels. Gently press the memory foam to soak up any liquid.

You can use the towel to not worry about the memory foam getting dirty or stained if you think the spill can stain it. Do not fold or twist the foam to remove any liquid because it can damage the memory foam’s structure.

Step #2: Use an Enzyme-based Cleaner 

An enzyme-based cleaner can organically dissolve and remove more stubborn spills, such as food stains, beverage spills, or bloodstains. It does not cause damage to the memory foam’s structure.

Pour a sufficient amount of enzyme-based cleaner on the spill. Then, allow it to sit for ten or fifteen minutes. Ensure to blot up as much enzyme-based cleaner as possible. Do not use hydrogen peroxide for breaking down bloodstains because it damages the foam’s surface.

Step #3: Dry the Memory Foam 

Air-dry the memory foam in a bright area. Ensure that there is a good air circulation. Let the foam dry entirely before using it again to avoid mold or mildew. When the mattress is completely dry, it feels lighter. So, if the washed area feels heavy, it still contains trapped water.

Removing the Stains 

Memory foams are also vulnerable to staining. Follow the steps below and remove stubborn stains from your foam effectively.

Step #1: vacuum the Memory Foam 

Vacuuming the memory foam helps remove lint, hair, and dust. Use a low power setting and a soft brush extension when you run the vacuum over the foam. Remove as much debris or dirt as possible to prevent them from getting ground into the mattress.

Step #2: Spray the Stained Area 

Get a spray bottle and combine 120mL of laundry detergent and 240mL of cool water. Ensure that the two ingredients are thoroughly mixed by shaking the bottle well. Then, spray the stained area and gently soak up the liquid using a towel. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

Use unscented and gentler formula since you cannot entirely remove all the detergent. You can go for hypoallergenic detergents if you have a sensitive skin.

Step #3: Soak the Stubborn Stains 

Make a baking soda solution by mixing one part of the baking soda and two parts of water. The mixture should form a milky white liquid. Soak it into the stains in circular hand motions. Then, leave it to soak for 30 minutes. You can use a slightly damp cloth to get rid of the solution. If there is remaining liquid, soak it up using a bath towel.

Step 4: Dry the Memory Foam 

Let your memory foam in a bright space with good air circulation to dry before using it again. Ensure the foam is completely dry to prevent mildew and mold from developing. Direct sunlight helps dry your memory foam more quickly. It also helps with unwanted odors.

Step #5: Repeat the Process 

If you notice the stains do not entirely disappear, you can repeat the process. Some stains require several rounds of washing before they entirely disappear. Allow the foam to dry every time you use the detergent solution entirely. Then, it is followed by the baking soda solution.

Removing the Odors 

Your memory foam is also prone to odors. Don’t worry; the steps below will help you get rid of them and enjoy a fragrant scent every time you sleep:

Step #1: Wash the Cases or Covers Separately

Treat the direct memory foam’s surface to remove the odors trapped inside. You can use cases or covers to protect the memory foam. They also help reduce the need for washing the memory directly. You have to wash the covers or cases regularly.

Step #2: Sprinkle Baking Soda 

Use baking soda to cover the memory foam’s surface in a thin layer. Look for an area where you do not need to move the memory foam around, like a floor or table.

Step #3: Allow the Baking Soda Sit for A Day 

Letting the baking soda sit for one day helps soak up moisture and odor trapped in the memory foam. Do not touch or disturb the baking soda during that time because you will find it difficult to clean up loose powder.

Step #4: Vacuum the Baking Soda 

Use a low setting and a soft brush extension to remove the baking soda gently. In return, you will have odorless and fresh memory foam.

Final Thoughts 

One way to ensure that you will have a comfortable and deep sleep is by cleaning your memory foam regularly. It also helps prevent health risks due to accumulated moisture, dirt, dust, and other allergens. The cleaning process may require time and effort, but everything pays off once you lay down in your bed. You have peace of mind knowing that your memory foam is clean and fresh.

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