Can You Put a Tie in the Washing Machine

A tie can complete your semi or formal attire. It even enhances your overall look. However, you may not prevent getting marinara, juice, or coffee on your favorite tie at all times. After all, it is placed in front of your chest, always ready to protect your white shirt.

If something spilled in your necktie, will you throw it? Well, you do not need to end up throwing ties every time they get dirty. There are several cleaning methods you can try to bring back its former glory.

Meanwhile, can you put a tie in the washing machine? Most ties are not machine washable. If you want to ensure the proper cleaning method for your ties, you can check the label and see the instructions. Some people may have a bunch of ties, but only of them may be washing machine safe.

How to Clean a Tie 

After a night-long dancing at your friend’s party or a long day at work, it’s no surprise that your tie is subject to dirt. It can even get smelly, sweaty, or worse; food is spilled on it.

Not all ties are made from the same material. You may have many different ties with a variety of materials. So, you have to be extra careful when cleaning them to prevent the materials from getting ruined.

So, it is safe not to use your washing machine; you can try the methods below. You will discover the best cleaning methods and approaches based on materials.

Dry Cleaning 

If you have a wool or silk tie, the label often says dry clean only. Beware that some materials are not ideal for this cleaning method, like leather.

Dry cleaning your tie helps preserve the finish and glossy look of your tie. During the process, ensure to hand-press it since the mechanical pressing method can ruin the tie’s rounded edges. You can buy a dry cleaning kit for easy cleaning.

Hand Washing 

One of the best ways to keep your tie fresh and clean and remove stubborn stains is by hand washing. Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Fill the sink, bucket, or basin with warm or cool water. For microfiber, you can use warm water while cool water for knit and seer-sucker ties.

Step #2: Add a small amount of mild detergent. Only use a detergent that suits the tie’s material type.

Step #3: Mix the detergent and water.

Step #4: Put the tie on the solution. Let it soak for ten minutes.

Step #5: Use a soft-bristled brush to remove stains and dirt. Then, rinse well.

Step #6: Use a clean towel to press out any excess water.

Step #7: Allow the tie to air dry. Avoid hanging them over a radiator because it causes damage, colors to fade, or shrinkage.

Right After a Spill 

If you let the spill remain on your tie longer, you will find it even more challenging to remove it. Try the following cleaning approaches after a spill:

Blade of a Dull Knife

You can use the blade of a dull knife to remove the spill instead of wiping it off. This method helps prevent you from embedding the stain, pushing it deeper, or spreading it further into the fabric.

Club Soda

If the spill is water-soluble, you can use club soda on the tie. Do not saturate the cloth. Instead, dab the stain. When brushing lightly across the area, you can apply a slight pressure. Do not use water if your tie is made from silk because it damages the material by leaving water spots.

On the Go Stain Remover Pen

Before using the on-the-go stain remover pen, test it first on the invisible areas like the back part of the tie. This ensures that it will not lift the color together with the stained area. Do not use a pen containing bleach.

Cornstarch or Talcum Powder

These products help absorb stains instantly after a spill. Leave the cornstarch or talcum powder on the tie for several hours. After that, shake it off. If you notice that the stain is still there, repeat the process.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol helps lift the stain from the tie’s top layer on fabrics like silk, rayon, and wool. Get a clean cloth and put alcohol on it. Then, carefully dab the stay. Let the tie air dry.


You can soak fabrics like spandex, polyester, nylon, linen, cotton, and acrylic in water to remove stains like ink. Mix a one quart of warm water, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Soak the tie in that water solution and let it sit for an hour. Rinse it with clean, warm water. Allow the tie to air dry.

Stain Remover

You can use a stain remover to get rid of stains on more delicate fabrics, like silk, rayon, and wool. Loosen the stain dabbing on the stain remover with a cloth. Pour distilled water into a spray bottle and spray it on the stained area. Allow it to air dry. You can repeat the process if necessary.

Baking Soda

Applying baking soda to the tie is a grease or oil-based stain that helps absorb the excess oil. Allow the powder to sit for several hours. After that, you can use a clean cloth to brush off the stain.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! Now that you know the different methods to clean your dirty or stained tie, rest assured that you can use them longer. You do not need to buy a new one; a simple cleaning approach can do the magic.

While it is tempting to toss a tie in the washer, it is recommended. Putting it in the dryer is also not a good idea. Instead, let it air dry. Since ties are made from different materials, you have to be extra careful in cleaning them. Hopefully, the ideas above will help you with your current situation or in the future. Plus, as soon as you spill something on your tie, clean it immediately.

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