Best Washing Machine for White Clothes

Best Choice
Equator Combo Washer Dryer
Premium Pick
Splendide Vented Washer/Dryer
Budget Option
Whirlpool Top Load Washer Machine
Equator 2020 24" Combo Washer Dryer Ch. Gold Winterize+Quiet
Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
Whirlpool WTW4616FW 3.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer
Best Choice
Equator Combo Washer Dryer
Equator 2020 24" Combo Washer Dryer Ch. Gold Winterize+Quiet
Premium Pick
Splendide Vented Washer/Dryer
Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
Budget Option
Whirlpool Top Load Washer Machine
Whirlpool WTW4616FW 3.5 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer

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Washing Machine for White Clothes Reviews

Buyer's Guide, Comparison and Advice

Nothing looks better than a crisp white shirt. However, you need to care for clothes to keep them looking brilliant white. Luckily, this is easy if you’ve got the right washing machine. Whether you’re caring for towels, shirts, or everyday whites, a good-quality washer will keep them looking fresh.

In this article, we explore the best washing machine for white clothes and discuss a few tips and tricks for keeping your whites lustrous.


Equator Combo Washer Dryer

Equator 2020 24" Combo Washer Dryer Ch. Gold Winterize+Quiet
  • ALL-IN-1 HOME WASHER/DRYER: High-tech combination washer/dryer unit allows...
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to use with color-coded LED display, redesigned control...
  • BUILT WITH YOUR CONVENIENCE: Customize your wash cycle with delay function...
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: Quickly dries laundry loads at 1,200 RPM and dual...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Shipping rods must be removed before the installation of...

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Technical Details

• Brand: Equator
• Model: EZ 4400 N Gold
• Weight: 161 pounds
• Dimensions: 22 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches
• Color: Champagne Gold
• Type: Front Load Washer/Dryer
• Capacity: 13 pounds

If you’re looking for the best washing machine for white clothes, look no further than the Equator Combo Washer Dryer. The washer comes with a plethora of features including a quiet function to keep noise level below 60db and a dual venting fan for faster drying. This means you can use the machine any time of the day or night, without the stress of waking people up.

The washing machine also boasts an easy-use control panel and a 2-step operation. This enables you to put on a white wash without fussing around with the settings. However, if you do want further control, you can customize the program to suit your laundry.

Measuring just 22 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches, this Equator washing machine is small enough to fit in a tight space. This makes it suitable for those living in an apartment or small house who still want to enjoy brilliant whites!

Thankfully, the compact size doesn’t compromise the power or tub size. The washer-dryer can hold up to 13 pounds of laundry per wash, allowing you to fill the tub with shirts, bedding and everyday whites for a medium to large family.

The washing machine also benefits from time and energy-saving features. Winning several design and industry awards, these features put the machine up there with the best of the best. One of the best things is the convertible venting/condensing drying system that makes your wash as easy as possible.


Splendide Vented Washer/Dryer

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  • Max Spin: 1200 RPM; Cycle: 10 wash/3 dry
  • Max Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.; Max Dry Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Super-silent technology
  • Built-tough for RV and Marine use
  • Dimensions: 33-1/8" Height x 23-1/2" Width x 22-5/8" Depth

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Technical Details

• Brand: Splendide
• Model: 1316.0992
• Weight: 145 pounds
• Dimensions: 23.5 x 22.6 x 33.1 inches
• Color: White
• Spin Speed: 1200 RPM
• Capacity: 15 pounds

The Splendide Vented Washer Dryer is a compact machine with extra capacity. This allows you to wash a family-sized load, without taking up too much space in your bathroom or laundry room. Despite the large tub, the washer weighs just 145 pounds and is light enough to move around the home. If you want to wash whites on the go – that’s perfectly doable!

The machine keeps noise to a minimum with the noise-reducing brushless AC motor. This is perfect for couples living in an apartment, or households with small children. The motor is both quiet and powerful, allowing you to enjoy brilliant whites without the noise.

Boasting several pre-set cycles, you can program the washer to best suit your load. If you want to remove stubborn stains, go for the heavy-duty cycle; if you’re doing a regular white wash, opt for the normal or light program instead.

In total, the washer has 10 wash cycles and 3 dry cycles. It also benefits from a dry-time selector, allowing you to customize the cycle to suit your load. There are also settings for low spin, low heat, extra rinse, and water temperature.

One of the Splendide’s best features is the adjustable water level. At the start of the cycle, the water level is adjusted automatically to maximize efficiency. This helps to keep your utility bills low and your carbon footprint to a minimum!

If you have a lot of white clothing, you’ll know how grubby it gets. Thankfully, this machine has bi-directional drum rotation to remove dirt and stubborn stains from your textiles. This, combined with the spin speed of 1200 RPM, helps your garments to come out sparkling clean.

This washer-dryer also benefits from a self-cleaning filter. This removes lint and loose hair from the machine automatically, so your white clothes to come out ready to wear.


Whirlpool Top Load Washer Machine

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Technical Details

• Brand: Whirlpool
• Model: WTW4616FW
• Weight: 120 pounds
• Dimensions: 26 x 27 x 43 inches
• Color: White
• Type: Top Load Washer
• Capacity: 3.5 cubic feet

The Whirlpool Top Loading Washer is another top contender. With a mammoth capacity of 3.5 cubic feet, the washer is big enough to handle a family-sized load or a selection of towels, sheets, and bedding. Despite the large tub size, it’s compact enough to fit in a small house or apartment.

This washing machine boasts an electromechanical control system, allowing you to customize the settings at the touch of a button. This means you can tailor the cycle to suit your white clothes, whether you’re washing delicates, soiled textiles or everyday whites.

If you want to keep things simple, choose one of the pre-set programs specifically designed for whites. To remove stubborn stains, soak your garments for 30 minutes before using the heavy-duty cycle. When combined with a good quality detergent, this will leave your whites sparkling.

The washer also has programs for delicate whites, including cold wash, quick wash, and delicate. A cold wash should also be used to remove coffee, wine, and bloodstains, as a hot wash can cause these stains to set.

Factors to Consider, Information & Advice

While there are not many machines out there that are marketed as being specifically for white clothes, because why would a company do that if want to appeal to as many consumer as possible, you can still find powerful and effective washers that will clean up even the most soiled and dirty whites – if you know what you’re looking for. There are some key features to look out for, that we will discuss in this section.


The temperature a washer is capable of washing at is very important when you’re dealing with whites. Ideally you will want the washing machine you to choose to have settings that get it as hot as 80 or even 90-degrees.

However, even if you can’t find the information about the temperature, you will find some machines, like those listed in this guide, that offer specific washing programs designed for whites.

Spin Cycle Speed

One of the issues with many of the average washing machines is that they do not have fast enough spin cycles.

Why is this important?

Well, the sun has natural bleaching properties that can have a detrimental effect on clothes when you hang them out to dry. To avoid this, you need to find a washing machine with a faster than usual spin cycle, as this will reduce the time you need to leave clothes out to hang dry.

Reasonably Large Size

As stains can often run from one wash to another, if the drum isn’t cleaned sufficiently between loads, it’s important to invest in a washer with an appropriately large capacity.

Look for a washing machine that can run a cotton 90-degree cycle to give the drum and interiors a really good clean every so often, and don’t forget to wipe the inner rubber from time to time too.

What Temperature Should I Use to Wash Whites?

For best results, wash your white clothing at the right temperature. When it comes to stain removal, the end results heavily depend on whether you use hot or cold water.

Generally speaking, heavily soiled white clothes, bedding, and towels should be washed in hot or warm water; however, there are some exceptions. Delicate fabrics such as swimwear and lingerie require lower temperatures, while stains like wine, coffee, and blood might set if washed in hot water.

With this in mind, it’s best to use a cold wash for these garments, paired with a powerful cold-water detergent. Cold washing can also increase the lifespan of your clothes, plus, you’ll save money on your utility bill as it requires less energy.

White clothes hanging on a washing line

Removing Stains from White Clothes

When removing stains from white clothes, there are certain steps to take. Below, we explore these further.

When tackling a stain, the first thing to do is soak the garment. Fill your sink with warm water and create a soaking solution by adding half a scoop of washing powder. Leave the textile to soak for around 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, wring out the excess water and put the garment into the washer. If you’ve got similar items to wash, these can go in too.

Before setting the cycle, measure out the correct dose of detergent and place it into the tub or drum, directly on top of your laundry.

Unless it falls into the cold-wash category above, wash your garment on the usual cycle. Before doing so, remember to check the instructions on the care label to avoid damage.

When the wash is complete, remove your laundry as soon as possible and hang it out to dry.

Washing Delicate Whites

You must take extra care when washing delicate whites. To begin, gather your delicate white items, such as lingerie, shirts or sheer blouses.

Next, review the care label to make sure the garments are washable. Some delicate whites may be hand wash only; if this is the case, avoid putting them into the washer and wash by hand instead. If you plan to use the dryer, also check the recommended drying method.

In general, delicate whites should be washed in cold water. Adjust the water level and set the program to gentle, delicate or cold wash.

If any of your clothing is labeled “hand-wash only”, set it aside. Later, dilute a small amount of detergent in a basin of cold water and rinse the garment under running water until it’s clean.

Washing White Towels, Sheets and Socks

To begin, gather the white sheets, socks, and towels that can tolerate hot washing. If you’re unsure, check the care label for further advice.

Use a hot wash on garments prone to fungus, mites, and mold stains. Before starting the wash, adjust the water level and choose the “heavy” program. Add your favorite detergent and start the cycle. If you notice any stains, soak in a solution of warm water and detergent before using the washer.

So, there you have it – the best washing machine for white clothes. To rejuvenate your whites, pair a quality detergent with one of the washers above.

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