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Once you have a family, your washing basket seems to be never-ending. Not only do you have a ton of laundry to wash, but you also have limited time to get it done.

To make things easier, you need a washing machine with a decent capacity and speedy cycles.

Also, since children tend to get dirty, your washer needs to be powerful enough to remove the toughest of stains.

Whether your family is big or small, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we explore the best washing machines for families to help you choose the right machine.

Our Reviews

Best Washing Machine for Large Families


LG Mega Capacity Top-load Washer

LG White 5.2-cubic-foot Mega Capacity Top-load Washer with Turbowash Technology, Model WT7600HWA
  • White color
  • Capacity measures 5.2 cubic feet
  • 14 options and programs in addition to three settings for soil levels to...

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Technical Details

  • Brand: LG
  • Model: WT7600HWA
  • Weight: 147 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27 x 45 x 28 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Top Load Washer
  • Capacity: 5.2 Cubic Feet

The LG Mega Capacity Top-load Washer is exactly what the name suggests – a mega capacity washing machine.

Users can enjoy the large capacity in combination with pre-set programs and various spin speed options to make the washing process as easy as possible.

The machine benefits from an anti-vibration system and a LoDecibel Quiet Operation function to significantly reduce the amount of noise. This makes the washer ideal for families of all sorts – even those living in a small house or apartment.

Instead of planning your laundry around the kids’ nap times, you can enjoy the freedom of washing whenever it suits.

Controlling the machine is easy thanks to the dual LED display and touch-sensitive button. Simply load the washer, choose your program and hit start.

If you want to keep things simple, choose one of the preprogrammed cycles available. If you’d prefer to customize your wash, play around with the settings until you find something that suits you.

There are 14 pre-set programs and three soil levels to ensure your load comes out sparkling. The washer also boasts five spin speeds, TurboWash technology, Jet Spray System, SmartRinse, SenseClean, and a cold wash option.

Better still, there’s no assembly required. Simply remove the washer from its box and get started!


Equator 2019 Combo Washer Dryer

Equator 2020 24" Combo Washer Dryer Silver Winterize+Quiet
  • ALL-IN-1 HOME WASHER/DRYER: High-tech combination washer/dryer unit allows...
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to use with color-coded LED display, redesigned control...
  • BUILT WITH YOUR CONVENIENCE: Customize your wash cycle with delay function...
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: Quickly dries laundry loads at 1,200 RPM and dual...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Shipping rods must be removed before the installation of...

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Technical Details

  • Brand: Equator
  • Model: EZ 4400 N
  • Weight: 161 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Type: Front Load Washer/Dryer
  • Capacity: 13 pounds

The EZ 4400 N is Equator’s most recent compact washer dryer. The machine comes with several innovative features including a dual venting fan for faster drying and a Quiet function to keep noise level below 60db. This is ideal for homes with young children as you can use the washer any time of the day or night, without the worry of waking people up.

The machine also features an easy-use control panel with a 2-step operation. This allows you to put the laundry on without having to fuss around with buttons and settings. However, if you want to customize the program to suit your load, you can so via the control panel.

Measuring just 22 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches, this washer dryer is compact enough to fit in a small space. This makes the machine suitable for those living in a small house or apartment.  Despite the small dimensions, the washer has a large 13-pound load capacity, so it is more than big enough for a medium to large family.

The machine’s time and energy-saving features have received several design and industry awards, so you can sleep easy knowing that your washer is up there with the best of the best. Amongst other things, this Equator washing machine has a convertible venting/condensing drying system to make your wash as simple as possible.


Splendide Extra Capacity Washer/Dryer

Splendide WD2100XC White Vented Combo Washer/Dryer
  • Max Spin: 1200 RPM; Cycle: 10 wash/3 dry
  • Max Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.; Max Dry Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Super-silent technology
  • Built-tough for RV and Marine use
  • Dimensions: 33-1/8" Height x 23-1/2" Width x 22-5/8" Depth

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Technical Details

  • Brand: Splendide
  • Model: WD2100XC
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.5 x 22.6 x 33.1 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Front Load Washer
  • Capacity: 15 pounds

The Splendide extra capacity washer/dryer is ideal for medium to large families. The machine boasts a super silent, brushless AC motor to keep noise to a minimum while still delivering a high-performance wash. This is ideal for families who worry about household noise keeping their little ones awake.

The washing machine boasts a 15-pound wash capacity, 11-pound dry capacity, 10 pre-programmed wash cycles, 3 dry cycles, and a dry time selector. It also features a self-cleaning filter that removes lint automatically and additional options like low heat, water temperature, low spin, and extra rinse.

Despite having an extra-large drum, the washer benefits from a space-saving design. As the machine is also ventless, it’s ideal for big families living in apartments or traveling in an RV or caravan. The washing machine offers the space, power, and wash of a larger machine, will providing the compact design of a portable washer.

To get started with the Splendide washer, simply choose a wash cycle, set a drying time, and press the start button. This makes the machine super easy to use, saving your valuable time and energy for other chores.

The machine has various other family-friendly features including an extra-wide door to make loading easy, soft-touch electronic knobs and a cycle status display. This allows you to track your load and plan the rest of your day according. The water level is also adjusted automatically to maximize efficiency and keep your water bill down.

The super-fast 1200rpm spin allows heavy textiles to dry up to 20% faster than the average machine. This is perfect for last-minute loads that you need for the following day. Fabric wrinkling is reduced by the bi-directional drum rotation, saving more time by minimizing the need to iron.


Speed Queen Top Load Washer

Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer with 3.2 cu. ft. Capacity, Stainless Steel Wash Tub, in White
  • Type: top load
  • Agitator: yes
  • Stainless Steel drum: yes
  • The awn432sp113tw04 top load washer offers 3.3 cu. Ft. Capacity for a...

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Technical Details

  • Brand: Speed Queen
  • Model: TR3000WN
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28 x 25.6 x 42.8 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Top Load Washer
  • Capacity: 3.3 cubic feet

If you’ve got a large family, you need a washer with a big capacity. The Speed Queen Top Load Washer offers just that. With a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet, the machine is big enough to fit in a family wash and still have some room left for extras.

The 26″ machine comes with 4 preset cycles for easy use. This allows you to choose the right wash for your load without having to faff about with various programs and settings. The preset cycles include Normal, Delicate, Perm Press, and Heavy Duty; normal is perfect for your everyday load, while Heavy Duty is ideal for removing tough stains from your clothing, bedding, or any other washable textile. If you or your kids have sensitive skin, make use of the Extra Rinse function to ensure detergent and residue are removed from the garment.

The Top loading design allows you to chuck your laundry into the tub with ease. Built from stainless steel, the Speed Queen tub will handle your textiles gently to minimize wear and tear – without impacting the quality of the wash.

The machine benefits from an autofill system to make sure each wash uses the right amount of water. This keeps each load both water and energy-efficient to keep your household bills to a minimum. When you’ve got a family, it’s more important than ever to keep your expenses low!

The tub and agitator work together to create a gentle wash that penetrates deep into each garment. This makes the machine ideal for children as the deep penetration removes 99.9% of bacteria to keep your textiles clean, fresh and germ-free. The washer also removes 99% of pet dander, dust, and pollen, making it suitable for all types of allergy sufferers.

Best Washing Machine for Small Families


Panda Compact Washer

Panda Compact Washer 1.60cu.ft, High-End Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine, white
  • This washer is a space-saving design which makes your laundry easy and...
  • Lager size 1.6cu.ft capacity allows you to fit up to 11 lbs. of cloth,...
  • Large See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, 3D waterfall,...
  • 6 Washing Program provide flexible washing options: Normal, Quick, Heavy,...
  • 2 rear inlets for easy installation; Connect the washer directly to your...

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Technical Details

  • Brand: Panda
  • Model: PAN50SWR1
  • Weight: 63.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 38 x 23 x 23 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Top Load Washer
  • Capacity: 11lbs

The space-saving design of the Panda Compact Washer makes it ideal for smaller families. Whether you’re using it in an apartment, house, vacation home or RV, the machine makes laundering quick and simple.

The machine measures 38 x 23 x 23 inches, making it one of the smaller models on the market. However, don’t let the small size fool you. The washer benefits from a large 1. 6cu.ft capacity and allows you to wash up to 11 lbs. of laundry at a time.

Controlling the machine is simple with the electronic touchpad and LED display. In addition to the pre-set programs, users can enjoy an adjustable spin speed, temperature, and start time. If you want to keep things simple, choose one of the 6 pre-set programs: Normal, Heavy, Quick, Delicate, Bulky, and Spin only.

The machine is upgraded with an Extra Rinse function and a Control Lock, making it suitable for families with small children. This allows you to do laundry without the worry of your child opening the machine.


Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine Compact 7.7lbs Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump 9 Programs Selections w/LED Display
  • Relief Your Hands - Barton portable full automatic laundry washing machine...
  • Powerful Cleaning - Compact Automatic Washer is effective enough to leave...
  • Full Automatic Machine - This machine features a built-in drain pump and a...
  • Multi-Functional Control Panel - Control panel are there nine programs,...
  • Constructed of High-Density Body and Upgraded Motor - Make it well built to...

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Technical Details

  • Brand: Barton
  • Model: 99809
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 15.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Top Load Washer
  • Capacity: 7.7lb

If your family is smaller, it makes sense to use a smaller washer. Not only does a compact washing machine take up less space, but it also uses far less water and energy, keeping your household bills and carbon footprint minimal.

When it comes to compact washers for a family, look for something small but powerful. Make sure the machine has a range of settings to choose from so you can program it to suit your needs. If you don’t want an all-singing, all-dancing washer, that’s fine! Just look for something with a few pre-set programs and adjustable spin, temperature, and speed.

The Barton Full-Automatic Washing Machine measures just 18 x 15.5 x 28.5 inches. This makes it compact enough to store, while still offering a reasonably sized tub. Whether you live in a house or apartment, the machine can be set in a small space, so it doesn’t get in the way.

This washing machine offers the best of both worlds – it’s compact for easy storage but also offers powerful cleaning. The washer is powerful enough to remove the toughest of stains and leave your garments smelling clean and fresh. The compact design combined with the reliability of a professional-grade machine makes this Barton model popular for smaller families.

The machine is fully automatic and features a built-in drain pump and a draining tube to drain out the dirty water. This makes the washer a great choice for those living in an apartment doing medium weight laundry.

The multi-functional control panel allows you to adjust the wash to suit your needs. There are nine pre-set programs and water level selections that are shown on the LED display. Each wash can also be customized to change the water level, spin, delay, and time set, all of which are controlled via the panel.

Unlike some compact washers, this Barton machine is built to last. It’s durable yet lightweight and benefits from an upgraded motor to ensure a thorough clean.


LG Washer/Dryer Combo

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Technical Details

  • Brand: LG
  • Model: WM3488HW
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 24 x 33.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Type: Front Load Washer
  • Capacity: 2.3 cubic feet

This LG Washer/Dryer Combo is another great option for smaller families. With a drum size of 2.3 cubic feet, the machine is big enough to wash a medium-sized load without wasting water or energy.

Better still, you don’t need access to external venting to use this machine. The all-in-one washer uses ventless condensing to dry your laundry without the need for external venting. This is particularly good for small families living in an apartment.

With the all-in-one design, you can set your clothes to wash and dry without having to move them to a separate machine. Once your chosen cycle has finished, select your drying cycle and enjoy clean, dry clothes in under 2 hours.

While the washer is compact, it offers almost everything that a full-sized machine does. There are various pre-set programs to choose from to ensure your clothes come out sparkling clean. If you want to customize the wash further, adjust the spin, speed and temperature settings via the digital control panel.

Information & Advice For Buyers

Things to Look Out For

When choosing a washer for your family, there are some things to keep in mind. Below, we explore some of them in detail.


The first thing to consider is capacity. Obviously, this will depend largely on the size of your family. If your family is big, look for washers with a larger drum size. If your family is small, save water and energy by opting for a smaller model. A washing machine’s drum is rated in cubic feet or pounds. The higher the number is, the more laundry you can fit into the machine at once.

The average washing machine has a drum capacity of 3 cubic feet. This size is big enough to fit a family of four’s weekly washing load. If you have a larger family, look for a washer with a larger drum; if your family is smaller, go for a smaller drum.

While a bigger washer may seem more convenient, avoid getting a machine that’s larger than necessary. If the machine is bigger than you need, you’ll end up wasting water and energy by not filling the machine. If your family is small, stick to a compact machine to save space, water and energy. Ultimately, this will save you money long-term and reduce your carbon footprint.

In the same way, if you have a large family, don’t choose a washing machine that’s too small. If you cannot fit enough laundry in the drum, you’ll be forced to run multiple cycles and use more water and energy long-term. This will cost you more money than running one larger load.

Cycle Time

Cycle time is another spec to look at when searching for a family washing machine. When you’ve got children, you’ll sometimes need to run multiple cycles in one day. To make this more convenient, look for washers with a fast cycle that doesn’t take too long.

You may think that the more laundry in a load, the longer the cycle time. However, that’s not always the case. Many brands now have ways to efficiently disperse the detergent and rise it out quickly, drastically reducing the cycle time. For instance, with LG’s Mega Capacity washer you can reduce the wash time by 30 minutes by pouring the detergent directly onto the clothes and removing it with a high-powered rinse.

If you often wash small loads, look for a machine with a quick wash or a half load option. This will prevent you from wasting water and energy as you run your various loads.


When searching for a family-friendly washing machine, performance is key. The machine has to be able to remove tough stains in a single cycle. With a full house, you don’t have time to keep rewashing a garment. You need a washer that gets it done right the first time.

For best performance, find a washing machine with a variety of settings. Pre-programmed cycles keep things simple, but only if there is one that suits your needs. Going for a machine with a Normal, Heavy, Delicate, and Quick setting is your best bet.

If you want to customize a program, find a machine with adjustable spin, speed, temperature and water level. That way, you can customize the program to best suit the load.


When you’ve got kids in the house, noise is another thing to keep in mind. If you live in a large house, this isn’t too much of an issue; however, it’s something to consider if you live in an apartment. Many washers now have anti-vibration and noise-reducing technology, drastically reducing the sound of the machine.

Opting for a quiet washer will allow you to do laundry any time of the day or night, rather than have to plan it around your kids’ nap times. With some energy plans, it’s cheaper to use appliances during the night than the day. If you’re washing machine is quiet, you can take advantage of this and set it to wash whilst you’re sleeping.


The final thing to keep in mind is the spin speed. When searching for a family washing machine, look for models with a fast, or adjustable, spin speed. Typically, the faster the spin, the more powerful the wash, meaning that machines with a fast spin speed will be best at removing dirt, bacteria, and tough stains from your laundry.

It’s worth remembering that fast spin speeds make the washer vibrate. To keep noise to a minimum, look for a machine with anti-vibration or noise-reduction technology. This way, you can enjoy the quick spin speed without worrying about the operation noise. Obviously, this is less of an issue if you live in a large house with a separate laundry room.

So, there you have it – the best washing machines for families. Whether your family is large or small, one of the washers above should suit you perfectly.

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